Bilder der Lütjens

Diese Bilder entstanden drei Tage nach dem Attentat auf das World-Trade-Center beim passieren der "USS CHURCHILL" und wurden Fritz Lamsbach von einem Wachoffizier der CHURCHILL per E-M@il übermittelt
Begleittext :
This was forwarded to me from a good friend of ours who is aboard the USS
Churchill.  For sailors and their families, it says it all.

"Today during my watch, they [the German ship Lutjens] signaled that theywould like to come close aboard to say good bye as they are moving on from our present oparea.  When they came along side they were flying an their flag at half mast, and had an American flag at half mast on their starboard halyard. They had the crew manning the starboard rail in dress uniforms, and as they completed their approach unfurled a banner which read "We stand by you", as they conducted passing honors.  It was very moving, and I think, finally made the whole world trade center event "real" for the crew.  At this distance, it's difficult to fathom the immensity of it.  It also brought home in a very real way that this event has affected the entire international community, not just the US."