here you'll find some of the images I've taken during my tours. I'm going to scan more when I've enough time. At the moment they're ordered chronological. Try to change this later.
Enjoy it.

during the first three month: we're walking ... 14 k
.. and sleeping (two men in each tent) 20 k
... and eating 14 k
German Naval Uniform (summer) 8 k
same (winter) 5 k
BGA - normal uniform, fire resistant 8 k
Lübeck back home after three month in the Mediterranean 24 k
same 23 k
Lübeck (nice imagesture) 45 k
Lübeck in the home port (front) 14 k
same (back) 20 k
Norway 22 k
maschine gun 20mm 25 k
OTO Melara 76mm 18 k
Harpoon launcher 15 k
the people in my room (altogether 9) 12 k
Frigate in front of sunrising 18 k
similar 14 k
crew of the ship we were relieving (they're partying) 22 k
four German ships in Mallorca (1 destroyer and 3 frigates) 16 k
our captain is opening the swimming pool 33 k
in the swimming pool 20 k
passing the channel of Korinth 9 k
very deep this channel ... 22 k
... you have to look up 25 k
RAS with the Canadian Preserver 22 k
exchanging signals with the Preserver 21 k
to be continued ... back